5 Reasons to Learn Spanish in Mexico Before Backpacking

Backing around Mexico and Central America is an amazing experience packed with
incredible sights, sounds and tastes. The opportunity to learn Spanish in this region
is very popular and will undoubtedly help enrich your experiences.
However, it can become a little bit of a daze when it comes to deciding where to go.
No fear - this list will tell you why Yucatan Mexico is a must.

1. It is at the Start of the Backpacking Trail

Whether you are planning on travelling around Mexico, through Central America or
even South America - the Mexican Yucatan is often the first stop for many people.
With cheap flights to Cancun airport and easy public transport, Yucatan is a popular
destination for both budget and mid-range travelers.
Why opt for Guatemala 2 months into the trip? Think about all the positive and more
engaging experiences you could have had in places like Merida, Chiapas and Oaxaca
if you knew even basic Spanish.

 Photo Credit: Indie Traveller

2. It is Wallet Friendly!

Studying and living in Mexico is very budget friendly. Here at
La Casita, we offer 2 and 4-week courses (including a cultural homestay) from $315 and 1-day courses from as little as $10.

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3. There is so much to see and do!

Here in Merida, there is so much to see and do after-class and on the weekends. From ancient Mayan ruins, fresh water cenotes and local markets. Read more in our beginners guide to studying Spanish in Yucatan.

A Game of Pok ta Pok in Merida

4. And Eat.

Food is the heart and soul of Mexico. Yucatan has many famous dishes such as
Salbutes, Huevos Motuleños and Sopa de Lima. You have to try them all!


5. The Language

Here in Yucatan, locals speak at a slow and understandable pace. This means that
what you learn in the classroom can easily be applied and understood at the local
markets, bars and cantinas.