Why Merida Is The Perfect Destination For A Single Female Traveller

Did you ever think a Mexican city would be considered one of the safest places in the world? Did your mum come up with elaborate plots to stop you from travelling to the country renowned for its cenotes, avocados and tequila because of safety concerns? No more!
The capital of the Yucatan Peninsula has been voted the second safest city in the whole of American content.

The second safest city in North America in 2019 CEOWORLD magazine conducted a statistical analysis of the safety across a variety of international destinations. It comes as no surprise that Abu Dhabi has topped the list for the third year running, but it might come as a bit of a bombshell that a certain Mexican city bursting with energy, fantastic food and colourful, colonial Spanish architecture is quite high up on the list.

Photo by Clara Leopassi @umanuproject | Model: @coralouellette

Mérida has found itself in a confident and very promising 21st place in the World’s
Safest Cities Ranking 2019 ranking, right after Croatian Zagreb and Icelandic
Reykjavik. But what’s even more interesting, Mérida ranked higher than some wellknown
destinations such as Helsinki, Osaka and even Copenhagen.

While exercising caution when travelling is always advised, according to the Travel
Safe Abroad website, Mérida ranks low for crimes across transport and taxis,
muggings, terrorism and even scams risks.

A perfect base for a single female traveller

But how does that compare to real life, I hear you ask. Pretty accurately, actually.
Travellers in the know are attracted to Mérida not just because of its cultural offering,
the proximity to some of the best cenotes in the whole peninsula but also because of
its safety profile. And many of them are single female travellers who find themselves
more confident and relaxed in Mérida than many other places in the world.

Often with my camera around my neck. And the only thing I have experienced so far
is people on the street wishing me a good night.”

Lisa, a student of La Casita who’s just about to finish her four-week Spanish course
echos that sentiment. “I could recommend Mérida to any solo female traveller,” she
says and adds, “And I would recommend they make themselves at home here. As a
woman, you free feel to do what you want here and Mérida has so much to offer so
it’s a perfect city to get cosy and comfortable in to really explore the city and the

So if you’ve ever thought about exploring Mexico, there’s never been a better time to
head to Mérida and explore this beautiful part of the world in a safe and relaxed
manner. So get packing - tacos wait for no one!