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Our story

When it all began 2019

La Casita Spanish School opened its doors on March 18, 2019, as a small project of one person, Jose, a young Spanish teacher & entrepreneur.

His goal was always to create a space where travelers and lovers of Mexican culture and the Spanish language could learn the language through an immersive experience and enhance their trip by interacting with local people during their travels in Mexico and Latin America.

La Casita started as its name suggests, as a small house that welcomed travelers who spent short stays in Merida, and little by little it was consolidated as not only a place to pass through but an experience where now people plan their time in Merida around their courses with us with plenty of time in advance, and we love that!

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Right after our first birthday, what we all know happened and even though it was a difficult time for everyone, we had the great opportunity to expand beyond our borders and reach many new corners of the world with our online classes, courses that we still run and that are one of our most popular courses. 


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In 2024, 5 years after opening our doors, La Casita Spanish School is one of the most reputable Spanish schools in Merida, and is a guarantee that you will have a great learning experience, as all of our teachers have extensive experience and are certified as teachers of Spanish as a foreign language. 

We welcome travelers from all over the world and are an important part of the community integration process for new temporary and permanent residents who make Merida their new home.  

We are no longer a one-person project but more than 6 teachers who will always welcome you with open hearts to offer you the best possible learning experience. 

Thank you for reading a little bit of our history and we look forward to meeting you!

La Casita team


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The school

We believe in the power of community.

So we created an immersive learning community for travellers and backpackers united in their desire to learn Spanish.
Our classes are interactive. You will learn through games, puzzles, and genuine interactions - not copying lines from a textbook.
But more than that, we offer a place where you can meet and speak with locals, learn about Mexican culture and life, and become part of the vibrant community here in Mérida.
Our goal is that by the time you leave us, you will not only speak Spanish but have shared your time here with a circle of friends and like-minded people.
Watch the video to hear about one of our student's experiences.

Interested in accommodation?

Do you want to have a complete immersion experience? 

Experiencing a homestay is one of the most rewarding parts of a language trip. Conversations at the dinner table, sharing the best moments of the day and the feeling of being in a home make the stay with host families some of the advantages of this experience.

Take the opportunity to stay with a Yucatecan family, where you can taste delicious homemade food, practice with your hosts what you have learned in your Spanish classes and bond as if you were part of a Mexican family.

Live like a Mexican and enjoy Yucatan in a unique way.

Feeling like meeting other travelers?

In order to make your experience with us in Merida easier, La Casita brings to all our students an incredible collaboration with Hostik, one of the best hostels in downtown Merida with special prices for our students booking directly with us.

If you like to socialize with other people, meet fellow travelers, enjoy a pool in the heat of Merida, and not miss your yoga routine, this is your best option. Stay in the best and safest area of downtown just a few blocks walk from the best restaurants, bars, and entertainment venues in the city center.

If you are interested in accommodation, please mention which type of accommodation suits best your needs it in your application and we will send you information about availability and cost. Learn more about the homestay service by downloading the file below.

Student's reviews

John, USA
La Casita is the PERFECT place to go to learn Spanish. I took the 4 week course. When I started, I could only understand the very basics. After 4 weeks, I can now understand so much more, and can have long conversations with locals. Getting around is so much easier now, and I’m so glad I chose this place to start my Spanish learning. The teachers and other staff were outstanding. Learning a new language isn’t easy, so it was very helpful to have teachers who are positive and encouraging. Being immersed in the culture and forced to speak daily was an added benefit. I stayed in the guesthouse, which is just a few blocks from the school. After a day of practicing Spanish, I had the afternoons to relax at the pool at the house, chill in a hammock, or go to an event that La Casita was hosting. There was always something to do on the weekends, from cenotes, to the beach, to the many things happening in the parks of Mérida. There is always music and dancing. I felt very much at home. I really can’t recommend La Casita enough. I hope to come back soon! Nos vemos!
Megumi, Japan
Such a good vibe from Jose (the owner of the school) and the school itself looked really pretty.Now I trust my instinct more because of the experiences I had with them!
Teachers are really patient with you and always know what exercises can improve your Spanish skill. More importantly, very funny and interesting! I only knew very little Spanish before but after studying here for 6 weeks, slowly but I can express my feelings and understand what's been said. I can talk with locals and make friends easily . 120% recommended to visit here and learn Spanish first if you are planning to travel around Mexico or all around Latin america because first you'll make many friends at school and they can give you great advises of what to do and second you'll make more friends with locals while traveling if you can speak their language.
Thank you so much for the great time :))))))!!!
Roy, Netherlands
I loved my time at La Casita! so many great memories. José is an amazing host and Lizette is an amazing teacher. The accomodation was super comfortable. Besides learning Spanish i also learned how to make some mexican dishes like ceviche and guacamole. We also did many excursions. For sure i will return for a second course.
Ola, Poland

The most immersive and interactive way to learn Spanish! Interesting lessons, the best teachers, great location - with plenty of fun events to practice your Spanish, integrate with friendly locals and meet new people at. The language exchange is one of my favourites! 🥰

Daniele, Italy
One of the best experience of my life!
I have been studied here for 1 month, before to go I was sceptical but from the first moment that I was there I felt amazing! Merida is a wonderful and alive city, la casita is the perfect place to find good friends and learn Spanish having fun! All the staff is really prepared especially the teacher. It was difficult to leave at the end. I Highly recommend to anybody that want to learn Spanish and have a nice time with other people from all over the world 😊
Áine, Ireland

I had the best time at La Casita. José gives the school his all, and really wants to make sure that everyone is happy and enjoying themselves. The classes are intensive but lots of fun, and it was a great chance to learn the basics for getting around and making conversation, for a total beginner like me! The school is only a few blocks away from the accommodation where you can stay, and both are in the center and close to some nice cafés and cantinas. Thanks so much for everything guys! 

Natalie, Belgium

I stayed three weeks at La Casita and I had an amazing time. There is a great atmosphere in the school, which will make you feel right at home. Jose and the staff were very helpful and accessible. The after school activities were perfect to get to know my fellow students and to get to know the city. Highly recommended!

Bill, England

Great school with excellent staff. I didn’t speak a word of Spanish before arriving here and now I have much more confidence to continue travelling with the skills I have learned. The classes are small and focussed, with a chilled vibe and there are many after school activities offered such as language exchanges, walking tours, movie nights and general social events. José was very helpful and worked hard to make my experience a good one! Cheap prices and great location! Highly recommended!

Klejofa, Malta

Was a good choice choosing this school... Excellent teachers, excellent city and every night with some meetups with all the students, staff and locals.. highly recommended... Thank you all ❤️

Come as a student, leave as a friend!